Tuesday, June 24, 2014

REVIEW! Villere House (Blood of My Blood)

Villere House (Blood of My Blood)

by Leslie Fear & C.D. Hussey


College senior, Lottie Boyd, expects to drink too much while on spring break in New Orleans. What she doesn't expect is to be haunted. Or fall in love. But that's exactly what happens. 

It starts with strange, vivid dreams about a 19th century widow so desperate to save her sick little girl, she's willing to do anything--even if it involves the black magic of Voodoo. It doesn't end there. Voices, ghost sightings, familiarity with things and places she couldn't possibly know. All leading her to the Villere House of Voodoo and the young Creole owner, Xavier Villere.

Xavier is compelled to help and is drawn to Lottie in a way he's never known, but skepticism of his family's century-old link to Voodoo and the occult keep her at arms length. If he can only come to terms with his heritage, he might be able to help solve the mystery of the widow plaguing Lottie's dreams. And maybe even find love in the process.

Note: Villere House is an adult romance and not suitable for readers under 18.

Shawn's Review

5 Hauntingly Amazing Stars!!!

Oh. My. Gosh.  How much did I LOVE this book??  Enough that it’s going on my Favorites of 2014 list, that’s how much!  I know, I know, this book has been out since 2013, but I just had the opportunity to read it.  And oh boy, am I glad I did!  Villere House has all the things I love in a book…mystery, action, romance and intrigue, for starters.  I love a good ghost story.  When you throw a well-written voodoo storyline, I’m there!

The cast of characters are phenomenal, but especially our two leads, Lottie and Xavier.  Oh, Xavier!  He’s hot, he’s sexy, he’s sensitive, and he’s so thoughtful.  Can I have a Xavier please?  Lottie is an empathetic character and one that you will root for.  She is really quite selfless; however, because she’s been through so much in her short lifetime, you have to look past her tough exterior and her insecurities to see her heart.

And the setting!  Oh, the setting!  What’s not to love about New Orleans?  A native of South Louisiana, I was thrilled to read about familiar places and things.  References to the French Market, Muffalettas from Central Grocery, Barq’s root beer, Oak Alley, Tulane University, Treme, second-line parades, I could go on, but you get the idea.  The authors did their research, and they did it well.  It comes across in the accuracy of the book, and for that, I am so appreciative.

Seriously y’all, get this book NOW!  It’s a definite page-turner. You won’t want to break for the husband, the kids, dinner; you’ll probably bring it with you to the bathroom!  I’m actually kind of glad I wanted until now to read Villere House because now I don’t have long to wait for Bayou Grise, the second book in the Blood of my Blood series!  

Villere House…one of my favorite books of 2014!  Hussey and Fear…two authors that I will be stalking from this point forward!  I hope y’all are ready!  


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