Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Face the Music: A Dauntless Indies Anthology


One sprawling music festival
Five jaw-dropping stories

Seattle is a mecca for the music, arts, and eclectic. Every year, the Emerald City hosts the highly anticipated Bumbershoot, four days of unique bands, colorful artists, and untold memories.

What better place to find, or lose yourself, than this melting pot of culture?

Slip into the crowds as the music draws you in, but beware: not everything is as it seems. Delicious secrets and startling legends abound.

***Shawn's Review***

5 Stars!!!

I am one often inclined to order a “Sampler” menu item at a restaurant. This anthology is like a sampler of only the best the menu has to offer. And what better place to get a sampling of the best than a music festival? Seattle’s Bumbershoot, no less.

Unbound Adventures #1 (A White Aura Short) by Felicia Tatum
Tatum writes a fast-paced paranormal adventure centered around Elsie and Kyle. We’re treated to supernatural “mixes,” including sorcerers, faes and vampires. What self-respecting paranormal lover wouldn’t love those combinations? Tatum’s story is unique, her writing is good and we’re left wanting more from this duo.

Red Queen (An Others of Seattle Short) by Brandy L. Rivers
We’ve come to expect strong, badass characters (including strong females which I love), over-the-top dialogue and lots of heat from Rivers, and she does not disappoint in Red Queen! This short is well-developed, fun, classic Rivers and is a great standalone from her Others series. 

Trouble with Partners (The Misadventures of Maggie Moore 2) by Michelle Graves
Maggie and John are back! Graves has created a fun, quirky, dare I say accident-waiting-to-happen, character in Maggie Moore. Graves became one of my favorites with her Chronicles of Izzy series and continues to impress with Maggie. This short is a super quick read as it’s light and fun and such a great escape. Definitely can’t wait for more from Moore!

Dark Blessing (A Crimson & Clover Lagniappe) by Sarah M. Cradit
Cradit ventured out into the world of vamps with this C&C lagniappe, and I’m oh-so-happy she did! We follow Kelley Landry and Queen Edith (I mean, with a name like that, who wouldn’t love you?) from New Orleans to Bumbershoot in Seattle on a most riveting adventure. This short is smart, well-written and classic Cradit in that we’re treated to unique, unforgettable characters. Great read!

A Case of Possession (An Aiden and Idonie Adventure) by Michele Breaux-Rowley
Woot…Idonie and Aiden are back! The Cajuns traded the south for Seattle in this short and treated us to a most enjoyable adventure. This is the second story we’ve had the pleasure of reading from Breaux-Rowley, and she certainly brought it! Her writing style is one of a kind, and she has created endearing characters that I, for one, feel like I know. Breaux-Rowley melds mystery and comedy like nobody’s business, and I can’t wait for more from her. A full-length, maybe? 

This is a super entertaining anthology, and I can’t wait for the next one from these super talented authors!

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