Saturday, March 1, 2014

All This Time by Marie Wathen

shawn's REVIEW

**WARNING: This story contains explicit language and erotic sex scenes M/F and is intended for adults, 18 + only. 

All This Time is part of the All Series, a prequel to Be All, but can be read as a standalone. 

Appx 126,000 words 

Undercover Drug Task Force Agent Samantha Walker lives in a filthy, degenerative world where the good and bad guys aren't always clear cut. Tasked with a desire to free the world from its self-induced disaster Sam a.k.a Angel chooses to be locked in a culture most only hope to escape. Using her God-given talents she will manipulate her way into the inner circle of the Southeast's most notorious drug cartel. 

During her time inside, Sam knows exposing her real life isn't an option and she's fully aware of the consequences if anyone discovers her true identity. 

Unfortunately Sam lets her guard down when she establishes real relationships with the wrong people. She finds something unexpected and her heart leads her into doing things she normally wouldn't allow. Could something like bending the rules cause her two worlds to collide? After paid hits, an attempt on her life and losing something precious Sam's world shatters and her only solace is a new job offer that allows her to return home to Willow Island. 

Will distance, time and surrounding herself with loved ones be enough to allow Sam to heal and rebuild her life? Can she find a loophole in this serendipitous story and get her happily ever after?

****4 Fabulous Stars!

Wathen has successfully written a story with some of the greatest elements...action, romance, intrigue and the perfect amount of hotness (can you say Blues)! I immediately related to our protagonist, Samantha.  I love a strong, independent female lead, and Sam does not disappoint.  She is a multi-layered character though...all the more human and relatable. While the book is lengthy, it does not take long to get through as it is fast-paced!  Wathen is one talented lady, and I can't wait to read the next one from her!  

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