Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Review of The Lake by AnnaLisa Grant


At 17, Layla Weston is already starting over. Having lost both her parents and grandparents, and with nowhere else to go, Layla is moving from Florida to a small town in North Carolina to live with the only family she has left: her estranged uncle and aunt. The last five years of Layla’s life were spent appeasing her less- than-loving grandmother, followed by being her grandfather’s caretaker. Growing old before her time, Layla lost her identity, she must learn how to allow herself to be loved and cared for once again. Life takes an unexpected turn when Layla meets Will Meyer. His breathtaking good looks are enough to catch her eye, but his sincerity and passion are everything she needs to find the strength and confidence she lost — and lead her into love. When tragedy once again strikes Layla’s life, her hope is all but completely crushed. Through it all, Layla learns what it means to truly love and be loved.

About AnnaLisa Grant

AnnaLisa is the author of the YA series The Lake Trilogy (The Lake, Troubled Waters, Safe Harbor), as well as the NA novel Next to Me.

AnnaLisa received her Master's degree in counseling from Gorgon-Conwell Theology Seminary in 2008, and spent two years post graduate in private practice as a therapist.

When she's not writing, AnnaLisa is being a wife to Donavan and a mom to her son and daughter, as well as taking her obsession with all things Disney and helping create magical memories for families.

AnnaLisa lives in Matthews, North Carolina with her husband and two awesome kids.

Contact AnnaLisa:

Twitter: annalisagrant

Michele's Review~5 Stars!

Surprised myself at how much I enjoyed this novel, considering that the recommendation came from my 16 year old daughter, who never reads and has never been interested in reading. When she devoured the whole trilogy in 2 weeks, I decided I needed to check this out for myself and discover why. I eagerly anticipate having some free time to be able to read the next two novels in the series.

Written from the point of view of a 17 year old child, AnnaLisa Grant managed to capture and nuance the emotions and thought processes of a girl of this age; from her guilt about the accident that claimed her parent’s lives, to her perception of her grandparents feelings about her. These feelings are on par with someone who has been through awful tragedy in those tender formative years; they are all feelings that I have experienced personally from the loss of my father at a young age. 

I am completely blown away, not just from the emotion conveyed, but from the superb story line, the complex twisting plot, and the breathless anticipation of a beautiful love story.  AnnaLisa Grant, thank you for such an amazing story and for grasping not only my daughter’s attention but mine as well!  5 stars!

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