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Spotlight Saturday Presents Author S.K. Whiteside!

Spotlight Saturday Presents

S. K. Whiteside!

S.K. Whiteside is a reader, writer, and lover of all things dark and mysterious. She is a Mythic Fiction writer of Contemporary Urban & Historical Fantasy and most of her stories have a background in Egyptian Mythology with a modern day adaptation and unique twist. As an author her art of "teasing" is precise and her character interaction draws you in and makes the story play out like a movie in your mind. This is a talent that now all authors have, nor will they ever have.

Her debut story, "Fallen", was released in part March 2012 as a teaser to "Morbid Seraphic" her annual anthology with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing. Even though it was only part of the story "Fallen" reached Top Ten status on Amazon sparking interest in Morbid Seraphic which later reached #1 in Amazon for Anthologies. Her follow up short story release "VEXED" was released November 2012. "VEXED" has and continues to be an Amazon Top 100 best selling paid Kindle release in three different countries. It served as the prequel to her debut full novel release "Inheritance". "Inheritance" was released June 1, 2013 and within the first week became an Amazon Top 100 best selling Kindle release in three countries simultaneously and going as high as #2 in Canada for two weeks straight. To date (June 25, 2013) Inheritance (as well as Vexed) maintains Top 100 status in at least two countries each between Canada, Spain, The United Kingdom, and the US interchangeably. While her eBooks are presently only available in Kindle her paperbacks are available worldwide.

When she is not writing S.K. Whiteside is a full time Mental Health Therapist. She began writing in Academia but decided that writing about things on the "other side of the veil" was a lot more interesting. Living in the paranormal capital of the world makes it fairly easy for her to come up with characters, many of which are based on of real personas in her life that can't help but carry over into her writing.

Upcoming Releases: "Thicker Than Water" (A Psychological Thriller), and Blood Born, the growing anticipated follow up to Inheritance.

For more information you can visit her website at, or follow her at one of the links below:

Twitter: @SKWhiteside

Michele's Review

Inheritance (World of the Guardians)

**disclaimer - this is the very first SK Whiteside book I read. Possibly still my favorite too.

Ancient Egypt - Vampires - Werewolves- Ancient Egyptian Deities in Modern Day New Orleans...Yes Please!!!

I loved this book! From the snarky humor, to the awesomely described outfits, to the total warrior goddess that is Syn (also known as the warrior goddess Sekmeht), to the interesting story of why the Guardians and Azura came to be part of our world. I enjoyed that Ms. Whiteside took Ancient Egyptian mythology and brought it to life in modern day, in a totally, at least to this reviewer, modern way. A lot of books are written using ancient mythologies, but she took this to new heights, using the Egyptian Deities themselves and writing them in to modern day places and situations, but still retaining their ancient mythological qualities and quirks. The cast of characters is amazing, she didn't feel the need to over expound on their backstories, she just let them flow and develop naturally, which quite worked in her favor. I would have to say that Echo is simply amazing, mind bending! Just a question Ms. Whiteside, can I have more of him please!!??

Lots of adventure in this roller coaster of a tale, lots of butt kicking, mystery, intrigue and humor, just enough light romance, and lots of questions left unanswered that will leave you wanting for the next installment. I am dying for more stories about Syn, Echo, Malachi and Isira! I don't want to give much away, so I will sum this up in 3 words....READ THIS BOOK!!!

*****5 STARS*****

Coming Soon:

Shawn and Michele's Inquiring Minds Want To Know:

DI ~ What inspired you to write your first novel? 

SK ~ Honestly, it was during grad school. My teacher loved my writing and said I should look into getting published. I am pretty sure she meant academia though. Lol

DI ~ What books/authors have inspired your life most?

SK ~ I don’t know about the “most” because there are so many but I would say Alex Haley (scandal aside). He achieved something that I long to do and that’s writing about “his” family history in great detail. That is not an easy task. My most recent inspiration would be J.K. Rowling (not because OF Harry Potter – though I loved the series) but because of her story. She was able to create this fantastic world all while dealing with tremendous adversity.

DI ~ Whom would you consider a writing mentor(s)? 

SK ~ I have had a few “mentors” along the way. They have all taught me something by just being a friend/associate. I would never use the friendship for personal gain. Kimberly Kaye Terry and Debra Glass kind of let me into their world and never hesitated to give me unbiased feedback, so did Yvonne Nicolas. Megan Hart has a FANTASTIC was of telling a story and her internal dialogue and character struggles are so awesome (seriously, she took a mortician and made her sexy.)

DI ~ What book(s) are you reading now?

SK ~ Divergent (yes, I know Im late) and I patiently await the next Richelle Mead novel.

DI ~  Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

SK ~ Susan Hubbard. She is not “extremely” new and hasn’t put anything out in a while but he is very unique. She writes about vampires (no they don’t sparkle) but she takes a political approach to the species that’s equal to Liberal and Conservative. Its very interesting.

DI ~ What are your current writing projects?

SK ~ I am currently finishing up “Thicker Than Water” which is my first Psychological Thriller. Right after will be “Blood Born: World of the Guardians Book 2”. I am super excited and cannot wait for everyone to read them both. “Blood Born” is a bit darker than the first book (ok a lot darker) because it introduces a whole new set of players in the world, but it still has that very S.K. feel.

DI ~ What would we find you doing when you're not at the keyboard?

SK ~ Analyzing sociopaths…
Wrong answer?

DI ~ What are your favorite setting(s) to read/write about?

SK ~ My hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana and my future hometown (maybe at least summer home?) of London. I love the history and how its evident in the architecture.

DI ~  If you could be any character in your book(s), which would you be and why? 

SK ~ I would be either Syn or Ryver. Syn is pretty obvious because she is a bad ass and even though she is not intentionally trying to be funny she is. As for Ryver, well you are going to have to read “Blood Born” to find out.

DI ~ I’m a potential new fan.  Sell me your book in ten words or less.

SK ~ I will do you one better. I will sell you the series…

“The legends are real and some want to destroy you…”

Felicia Tatum Wants to Know:

Top ten books

1 The Outsiders – S.E. Hinton
2 The Color Purple – Alice Walker
3 72 Hour Hold – BeBe Moore Campbell
4 Shawshank Redemption – Stephen King
5 Dreamcatcher – Stephen King
6 Eragon – Christopher Paolini
7 Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – J.K. Rowling
8 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – J.K. Rowling
9 How Stella got her groove back – Terry McMillan
10 Beautiful Creatures – Kami Garcia

Top ten book couples

Mircea and Cassie Palmer
Pritkin and Cassie Palmer
Dorina Barsarab and Louis Cesar
Alice and Jasper
Chloe Saunders and Derek Souza
Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley
Katniss and Peta
Ron Weasley and Hermone Granger
Tonks and Lupin
Dimitri and Rose

Top ten authors

J.K. Rowling
Stephen King
Terry McMillan
Richelle Mead
Rachel Caine
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Laurell K. Hamilton
Karen Chance
Kelley Armstrong
Maya Angelou

Top ten snacks while writing

I don’t snack while writing. It makes me sleepy

Brandy L. Rivers Asks:

Top five favorite titles (these do not have to be favorite books)

Vampire Academy
Harry Potter
Morganville Vampires
Darkest Powers
Cassie Palmer Series

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